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Auto Injuries/Whiplash


Auto Injuries/Whiplash

by Ram Parikh, D.C.

What is whiplash?

Whiplash is a description of how an injury has occurred. The neck or spine was unexpectedly thrown very quickly in one direction and then jerked back to the opposite direction. The head was quickly whipped on the neck usually from front to back or from side to side motion.


What are the symptoms of whiplash?

Auto accident is the most common way to get whiplash. After an auto accident people can feel neck soreness or stiffness with or without a headache. The pain can later turn to numbness and tingling in the arm and hands. Some patients can  also be affected with ears ringing, dizziness, low back pain or even a concussion.


Can Dr. Ram Parikh DC, help with Whiplash injuries?

There is growing research that chiropractic care is proven effective for whiplash injuries. The important thing is to see us right away after an auto accident. Dr. Ram Parikh DC, can order X-rays and do Para-spinal thermal imaging to help determine the extent of the damage and get you out of pain and back to pre injury status. With specific adjustment and rehab Dr. Ram has helped his patients get out of pain and helped correct the problem so it does not effect patients lives long term or cause chronic pain.