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Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Neck Pain Relief Q & A

by Ram Parikh, D.C.

What are the signs of neck pain?

Neck pain doesn’t simply involve discomfort in the neck area. It can also affect range of motion and cause pain in the surrounding areas of the body. Symptoms of neck pain may include headache, limited ability to move the head, muscle spasms or tightness, pain that worsens after holding your head in one place for an extended period of time.
If neck pain doesn’t improve after at-home care, this may signal a more serious problem. Make an appointment with Dr. Parikh if you are suffering from neck pain that persists and feels severe even after treating it at home. In addition, if the pain seems to radiate to other areas, or happens in conjunction with headaches or tingling or numbness, you should see the doctor right away.

What causes neck pain?

A priority in delivering adequate neck pain relief is finding the underlying cause of pain. Most neck pain is caused by strain or tension of the neck muscles. Neck pain may occur after an accident, due to poor posture, after sleeping in an uncomfortable position, due to lifting heavy objects, or due to working at a desk or staring at a computer for prolonged periods.
Some medical conditions may also lead to neck pain, such as fibromyalgia, spinal infections, a ruptured disc, or cancer.

What neck pain relief solutions are offered by Dr. Parikh?

After figuring out what’s causing your neck pain by reviewing your symptoms and performing a physical exam and diagnostic tests, Dr. Parikh will discuss your treatment options. The goal of neck pain relief is to correct nerve interference in the spine that is contributing to your discomfort and loss of mobility. Treatment is customized to meet the unique needs of every patient. However, most neck pain relief treatment plans will involve gentle chiropractic adjustments, education about ergonomics, exercises to improve muscle strength, and spinal decompression. We also use cold laser therapy to increase circulation, decrease pain and regrow cartilage. Trigenics can be used to lengthen and strengthen muscles.

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