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Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain
Back Stiffness
Tight Muscles
Pain With Bending

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Disc Pain

Herniated Disc
Degenerative Disc
Building Disc
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Knee Pain

Knee Pain
Knee Osteoarthritis
Bone on Bone
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Your initial visit will include:

  • A private consultation with the doctor
  • X-rays, if necessary
  • A thorough spinal examination
  • A referral to the proper specialist if we determine chiropractic can't help you

Butler Chiropractor - Conditions We Treat:

Neck Pain


Back Pain

Knee Pain

Shoulder Pain

Disc Pain

Auto Injuries/Whiplash



Butler Chiropractor - Our Services:

Butler Chiropractic Care

Spinal Decompression


Cold Laser Therapy



PEMF Therapy



Dr. Ram is great. I suffer with neck pain which leads to migraines and I also deal with low back and hip pain. Dr. Ram has helped me to keep these pains at bay. He also gives good advice as to how to modify my workouts to avoid elbow, wrist and shoulder pains. The staff is friendly and they get you in and out within 15-20 minutes. I would recommend anyone with pains to go see Dr. Ram. - Laramie Mealy

Two months ago I was really struggling with knee pain and restricted movement. Dr Ram determined that not only were my knees bad but I also had hip and low back issues as well. I felt better after my first adjustment and have been improving ever since. I can move about easily and my pain level has been drastically reduced. I would recommend Dr. Ram to everyone dealing with joint or back pain! - Denise Miller

I have been going to Dr. Ram for a couple of years now. I had hurt my neck and had very bad migraines which put me into the ER. After going to Dr Ram, I have been free of the migraines. And any time I feel that my neck may need adjustment, I can go right in to see Dr. Ram. The staff is friendly and very helpful.
This is not just another chiropractic office, Dr. Ram can help you if you are in pain. I recommend anyone who is in Pain to see Dr. Ram. - Glenda Winkler

Dr. Ram and his staff are so amazing!! I walked into his office 5 minutes ago with pinched nerves and numbness and walked out with no sharp pains, I feel 100% better! Everyone there treats you like you're their best friend and makes the entire visit amazing!And the best part, I can openly talk to the Doctors and the staff and genuinely feel heard. I am so happy I have this wellness center this close to Me that believes in finding the root of the problem and not patching it up with a bunch of meds my body doesn't need! - Christian Dietrich

Every time I've come in the staff has been super friendly. The doctors genuinely care about helping their patients feel better. If you are coming in for a sports related injury or just for an adjustment I highly recommend! - Noah Beveridge

HI this is Arthur VanScoy I enjoy going to the Discover Wellness Center all the help there are very nice and respectful of all others and makes me want to go there just to be around the pleasant customer service you get with all the staff helping me get back to shape and lead a heather and pain free life again I so missed out on for years. Thank you all very much cant wait to see you all again. - Arthur VanScoy

Discover Wellness Center offers effective chiropractic solutions to patients in Butler, PA.

Are you experiencing pain in your back or neck?  Suffer from frequent headaches or experience muscle tightness and tension?

If so, our experienced doctors can help you identify and address the source of your suffering through chiropractic care.

Butler Chiropractor, Dr. Ram Parikh has a successful track record of delivering pain relief to patients who have experienced serious injuries whether it's from a car accident to a bad fall at home.

Come see the Butler Chiropractor who has been trusted for over 19 years to address chronic back pain and other spinal conditions.  You'll receive a customized plan for your condition and overall health and wellness goals.

Call 724-602-2257 to address the root cause of your pain and begin healing from the inside out!

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